Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 725
Grants Pass, Oregon

Meetings on 1st Sundays, 2:00 p.m. @ Grants Pass Airport
Winter in FBO Classroom - Otherwise in Chapter Hangar

Brent has been a licensed pilot since graduating from high school, some 1,130 flying hours ago as of 2013.  His father owned two Navions in succession, the last being sold in 1953 but not before passing along the flying bug. He completed this Zenith Zodiac in 2000 in North Carolina and by the end of 2013 will have flown it over 730 hours including a round trip across the USA and his migration west to Oregon.

Brent learned to fly the summer after graduating from high school.  The first airplane he owned was a 1981 Cessna 172 purchased while living in the Virgin Islands in 1986.  A year later he flew it across the Caribbean to the Bahamas and onward across the U.S. to the West Coast, returning some 7 weeks later through Denver, St. Louis, Raleigh, and West Palm Beach before heading back through the Bahamas to Hispanola and Puerto Rico.  Returning to live on the Mainland, he bought a 1970 Cessna 150 which he took with him when relocating to North Carolina in 1990.  After selling the 150 he got the bug to build an an airplane and chose the Zodiac for its performance in mountainous terrain and supurb visibility to say nothing of it's low cost to construct and maintain.  The Zodiac took a year and 1,100  hours to build.   Brent was asked to write an article about the building process for InFlight USA which appeared in 2001.  In 2002 he flew his Zodiac across the country and was asked to write a feature article about the trip for EAA's inaugural Light Sport Pilot magazine.            
Over Moscow, Idaho                                                  Click here for the trip narrative                                                        Albuquerque, New Mexico     
The exhilaration
of flying
is too keen,
the pleasure too great,
for it to be neglected
as a sport.

- Orville Wright