Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 725
Grants Pass, Oregon

Meetings on 1st Sundays, 2:00 p.m. @ Grants Pass Airport
Winter in FBO Classroom - Otherwise in Chapter Hangar

Phil is well on his way to completing a Wag-Aero Cuby Super Sport similar to that of fellow member Ken Clark.  Here "welder Phil" takes a break from welding the steel fuselage cage.  Building in a particularly capacious basement, Phil can work year-round and should be able to complete his project by early summer of 2014.

Beautifully finished wing skeleton and fuselage (left), and one wing after covering (right).
Among the time consuming steps in constructing a tube and fabric aircraft are rib stitching (left) and careful application of the protective UV coating (center) and ultimately the primer and finsih coat.  At right is the mostly covered fuselage.

The Cuby isn't Phil's first foray into aircraft construction.  Below are his single-place Sonerai low-wing and Scorpion helicopter,
with Phil's wife Kathy aboard (right).

The exhilaration
of flying
is too keen,
the pleasure too great,
for it to be neglected
as a sport.

- Orville Wright