Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 725
Grants Pass, Oregon

Meetings on 1st Sundays, 2:00 p.m. @ Grants Pass Airport
Winter in FBO Classroom - Otherwise in Chapter Hangar



Began my passion for flight as a hang glider pilot in 1976, and a founding member Rogue Valley Hang Gliding Association. Master, tandem, hang glider instructor.  Fly hang gliders competitively and for fun.


ATP, AMEL CFII, ASEL Commercial, Taildragger endorsement

US Army, USAF, retired.  FedEx, retired. 

Member Oregon Pilots Association, US Ultralight Assoc., Air Sports Connection Board of Director,


15,000+ hrs. USAF Instructor Pilot, T-37, T-38, C-130, IP, Gulf War combat and test pilot, FedEx Boeing 727, MD11 First Officer and Captain - 1982-2008.


-        In 2004-5 built an Antares trike, in Alaska with Ukrainian aerospace engineer and Antares designer Sergey Zozulya.

-        Flew a few years, and soon to resume my re-design of Kitfox IV - redesigned tail feathers, fuselage and wing tips.

-        A year ago acquired a Kolb Mk III.  Will be air worthy for summer 2018 flying after a few mods.

-        In 2016 completed grass airstrip on vineyard property in the Applegate.  “Vineyard Airfield” Rwy 35 is 1100ft and Rwy 08 is 650ft.

-        Just completed and N numbered Antares Amateur Built Aircraft, weight-shift category!

-        Quicksilver MXL Sport ultralight flying now

-        Very active hang glider pilot.  Ask me about instruction!


In short, aviation is my passion!

Stop by Hanger J113 and say hello.










The exhilaration
of flying
is too keen,
the pleasure too great,
for it to be neglected
as a sport.

- Orville Wright